LaRosa Johnson

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About Me: LaRosa Johnson

I’m LaRosa Johnson, the “Urban Scholar.” I like to describe myself as a tech enthused, Bible studying, music loving father. I currently reside in Spokane, Washington where I work for Olive Tree Bible Software. When I’m not at my 9 to 5 you can find me writing books under my publishing company, Urban Scholar Books. I also love to preach & teach the Bible whenever I’m afforded the opportunity. Other than that, I like to spend time with my loved ones.

Grace and Peace!
LaRosa Johnson

LaRosa and his kids

Urban Scholar Books

Christian books written for the glory of God and sanctification of the Church.

Urban Scholar Books is an independent publisher created for the purpose of building the Church of Jesus Christ by equipping Christians with the tools and knowledge they need to grow into spiritually mature believers. Click here to find out more.

Raw Material

Transform your Christian life by learning how to:
Read, Pray, Worship, & Live!

Raw Material is the debut book from LaRosa Johnson. It was written to equip Christians with the tools they need to live a successful Christian life and to jump start their spiritual growth.

Whether you’re a new Christian or have been one for decades, you’ll be sure to walk away with something from this book. It’s perfect for personal edification, one-on-one discipleship, or small group settings. Get equipped today!

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