LaRosa Johnson

Technologist & Multi-Faceted Learner
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Hey, I’m LaRosa Johnson

Depending on how we met, you could know me for any number of things. Some people know me as the tech guru or Bible study guy. While there are others who know me for something else entirely. The long & short of it is I’m a man of many interests who dabbles in a lot of things. I enjoy learning, so I go wherever inspiration takes me and for as long as that spark lasts.

The most important titles I carry are husband & father. I currently reside in Jacksonville, North Carolina (after stints in Austin, Charlotte, and Spokane) with my wife & kids.

When I’m not helping coaches & solopreneurs through Trailblazin Tech, you can find me working out with resistance bands & riding my bike, reading a good book to learn something new, or relaxing with some Xbox. Other than that, I love spending time with my loved ones.

Keep scrolling to learn more about how I spend my time working, as well as some highlights of things I’ve done in the past. Hit up my contact page if you ever want to get in touch.

Grace and Peace!
LaRosa Johnson

What I Do

Trailblazin Tech

Helping coaches & solopreneurs with their tech so it fades into the background & they can focus on what they do best in their business.

Trailblazin Tech empowers coaches and solopreneurs to have more time, freedom, and money by simplifying their tech solutions. My services remove the stresses of managing a ‚Äčthriving online business, allowing ‚Äčthem to focus on their zone of genius. I partner with my clients & manage their tech so they don’t have to.

Bible Study Tips logo

Bible Study Tips

Learn the Bible. Connect with God. Grow Your Faith.

Bible Study Tips is a website I started in 2017 to help Christians study the Bible better & to address the issue of biblical illiteracy within the Church. It started off as a work project on Bible study methods that expanded into something far greater.

Urban Scholar Books

Books written for the glory of God & sanctification of the Church

Urban Scholar Books is my publishing company where I self-publish my books. To date, I have written and published two books. My first book, Raw Material, was published in 2015 and was written to equip Christians with the tools they need to live a successful Christian life and to jump start their spiritual growth. My second book, Bible Study Tips, takes the work done with the Bible Study Tips website and presents it in an easy to digest format.

What I’ve Done

Freedom Zone Fitness

Helping you regain your strength & freedom so you can live an abundant life

In 2019 I launched Freedom Zone Fitness. My goal with Freedom Zone Fitness is simple: help men regain their strength & find their freedom so they can live an abundant life. I desire to add value and years to men’s lives with a focus on mastering mind, body, and spirit. My current plan with FZF is to pass it on to my eldest son once he graduates & receives his training certifications.

Devos.HipHop Podcast

Where Hip-Hop meets Scripture

Devos.HipHop is a devotional-style podcast I hosted for a while. With a bi-weekly release schedule, I would take a Christian Hip-Hop song and break down its lyrics while relating it to the truths of Scripture. One of the things I loved most about this podcast was the theme song, which was done by my good friend & CHH artist, Brinson. All the episodes can be found in this shared Google Drive folder.

A bunch of other stuff I’ve done over the years… too much to list

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